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Do you need assistance with a computer issue?

Supervisors will use this form to request technology items for an incoming employee.

Report an issue with an enterprise software application (e.g. PeopleSoft, ImageNow or Salesforce)

Select this service for larger efforts requiring more than 100 hours from OTS resources or involves multiple groups at UB that requires coordination.

Use this form to securely provide the Office of Human Resource at The University of Baltimore.

Technology loans are available for students to assist with online educations. Loans to students are granted by semester on a first come first serve bases.

Need OTS to help with improving an enterprise software/technology or business process?
Or have a question about an enterprise software function or process?

If you need to print pages with color, you can submit the page(s) through this service.

Use this form to submit help requests, suggestions and feedback to the Office of Technology Services. Your suggestion will be handled by the OTS Call Center.

Use this form to request timesheet approval and review permissions for managers and other employees. Please see the following list of regular and contractual workgroups for reference when filling out the request: http://www.ubalt.edu/about-ub/offices-and-servi...

Do you have questions or issues with your student account?
To safeguard your personal information, please do not type personal identifiable information in the form.

Faculty and staff may use this form to indicate which technology they need from UBalt for working on and off campus.

We inspire solutions and creative approaches to institutional challenges through data collection, research and analysis.

Request consultation services from CELTT. We will reach out to you within 72 hours to discuss your needs, and we look forward to working with you.

Need access to an optional prevention or compliance training? Submit the request here.

Law students use this form to securely upload files with personal information requested by the Office of Law Admissions.

Having issues with applications connected to Sakai (i.e. RP Now, Voicethread, Panopto)? Click to find out how to get help.

Need Sakai training?
Assistance with course development or revision?

Need help with creating or modifying a report or query?

All purchases of IT related hardware, software, and services must be reviewed by the Office of Technology Services (OTS) prior to purchase. Use this form to request an OTS review of products and services that you are considering or intend to purchase.

OTS reviews procurements for compatibility with both USM and institutional Information Technology security and architecture policies and standards. All procurements must also be reviewed by the Office of Procurement. Please contact them directly if you have not already engaged them in your process.

Problems with Zoom or Panopto Software

A web-based tool used for collaborating on documents and projects. Document collaboration functionality includes document workflow, document versioning, and document check-out.